Dienstag, 9. Februar 2016

noch mehr Pulswärmer - even more wristwarmers !

Wenn es draußen etwas kälter wird, ziehe ich meine Pulswärmer an. In diesem Winter sind schon einige neue Varianten in diversen Farben zu meiner Kollektion dazugekommen... Sie sind schnell gemacht aus Resten... 

When it is getting cold outside, I start wearing my wristwarmers.  A lot of new variations in different colours came to my collections this winter. They are made up very quick out of left over yarn...

Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2015

Virus Shawl with gradient yarn

I cought a virus...very, very bad ;-)

For the shawl I used gradient yarn from wollfactory.de (which is a german company where you can create your own gradient style or choose from many others ;.) the site is in german, but you can contact the owner if you want to order...( I know, many of you asked...) I used 2 skeins of 5 ply " Sonnenuntergang " (sunset) 1 skein was 200 g/600 m and the other one was 250 g/750 m... It has a total size of appr. 2 m x1,4 m

Ich habe mir einen Virus eingefangen, einen sehr schlimmen...

Ich habe für das Tuch Verlaufsgarn der firma Wollfactory.de genommen. ( Es ist eine deutsche Firma, wo man sich selber die Farbverläufe zusammenstellen lassen kann, oder aus vielen Farbkombinationen wählen kann.
Ich habe 2 Bobbel 5fädr. Garn gekauft. Farbe: Sonnenuntergang.
1. Bobbel 200 g/600 m
2. Bobbel 250 g /750 m
Das Tuch hat die Maße: ca 2x1,4 m


Montag, 7. September 2015

Finally done...my Sophie's Universe...

My blanket has been done for a while and in use already so I wasn't able to take pictures :

I had to order more yarn than calculated...but it was worth it...it is 100 % pure whool I ordered from Turkey, and it is very soft...and as you can see only in grey...fits perfectly onto my armchair... I love how all the details, like flowers pop up so nicely.
The size of the blanket is 142x142 cm.

Here are some pictures of the WIP: 

It has been a great experience to crochet a long something that big, without knowing where it will lead...here you can find the complete pattern from Dedri: http://www.lookatwhatimade.net/crafts/yarn/crochet/sophies-universe-cal-2015/sophies-universe-cal-2015-information/

Dienstag, 28. April 2015

yeah ....it`s springtime...


This is not crochet related... but I love these magnolia blossoms...
It is an about 90 years old magnolia tree at my grandmothers garden...The tree used to be much bigger, but a few years ago almost 2/3 of the branches broke down, after heavy snowing, with the leaves still on. The last picture shows the full tree in its origin.
Isn`t it beautiful? Imagine standing under it with the fragrances from thousands of blossoms :-)

Mittwoch, 18. März 2015

Mittwoch, 29. Oktober 2014

little doilys from leftover yarn...

Do you ever wonder what to do with leftover yarn...Even if it is just a little bit.
I keep collecting small amount of yarn the same type and made some doilys out of it.
The leftover yarn from these doilys came from a bag I made...I don't like how it turned out at the bottom and you can't put too heavy stuff in it...still it looks pretty on me ;-)

Anyway, so I have this beautiful cotton yarn....so I came up with this doily...

Montag, 24. Februar 2014

worry eater / Sorgenfresser Soft toy for kids...

These so called "worry eaters" are soft toys including a zipper mouth pocket.
For parents however the message for children is that worry eater will 'eat your worries' and help promote a more restful night's sleep by gobbling up any worries.
My girl wanted to have one herself, but I thought it was better to make one my own...
No pattern available, I just looked up some pictures and made my freeform worry eater.
It was my first attempt of an amigurimi and it is not perfect, but my girl loves it...